The Best Instagram Bots of 2018

After the shutdown of many leading automated services included Instagress. Many users are looking to know what the safest and most effective Bot to use in 2018 is.There are 3 top services to choose from that believed to be the best Instagram Bots of 2018. They are suitable for both businesses accounts and personal accounts. 2 of them are automated services however, one choice is slightly different and is called an organic growth service.

What is an Instagram Bot?

An automated service will complete repetitive engagement tasks of finding relevant users, following them, liking and commenting on their photos. This is done to encourage the user to reciprocate these actions and follow you back. Compared to doing these actions manually which can be time-consuming, an Instagram Bot will complete these actions on autopilot. Therefore it is time-saving as well as effective at gaining Instagram followers.

What is an organic growth service?

An organic growth service works similarly to an Instagram Bot, however, it is not an automated service. These companies employ real people who are leading social media marketers to complete the engagement tasks on your account manually.

The main benefit of using an organic growth service is that it is a completely safe option. This is because it uses real people to manage your account and therefore is not in breach of any Instagram policies.

Recommended Instagram services

There are many options available on the market. Here is the top 3, these services made the list because they are deemed to be safe as well as the most effective at gaining followers.

Social Envy

The first one is called Social Envy. This is an organic growth service that employs real people to manage your account and complete the engagement tasks to increase your Instagram following through natural engagement.To read a full review on Social Envy click here.

Follow Adder

The second choice is called Follow Adder. This automated service has become the leading Instagram Bot currently available on the market and believed to be one of the best Instagram Bots. It is robust and safe because it survived last year’s Instagram crackdowns against automated services on its platform. To read a full review on Follow Adder click here.

Instagram Follow Adder


The third choice is an Instagram Bot that is a newcomer on the market. Instato is a management and automation service that will automatically follow, like, comment, unfollow, DM and post in order to grow your profile with real followers. It has been getting good feedback from many users stating how effective it is at gaining followers.