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The Top 3 Instagress Alternatives in 2018

There is no doubt that Instagress was the best Instagram Bot. It was effective at gaining followers in a short period of time. However, since the Bot got shutdown many users are searching for the best Instagress alternatives in 2018.

Why did Instagress get shut down?

Instagram launched multiple crackdown campaigns throughout 2017 against the use of online services on their platform. Instagram states that the use of a Bot grows profiles artificially and is against its user policy. Instagress was one of the many leading Bots that got shut down as a result of these crackdowns.

The current Bot market situation

The market has not collapsed or become weekend because of the crackdowns and the loss of Instagress. In fact, it has become stronger with many new Bots available on the market to compete with the robust Bots that survived the crackdowns. This competition has resulted in Bots improving their services.

However, many previous Instagress users are hesitant to invest in a Bot again. They are fearful that their chosen automated service may get shut down again. Not only are they looking for an effective one to grow their following but also one that is safe.

There are a variety of safe Instagram Bots available on the market that can be used to manage your Instagram account and grow your following.

What is an Instagram Bot?

Instagram Bots are a very effective way of gaining Instagram followers. As you know engagement is critical to gain followers. This Bot will complete all repetitive engagement tasks such as finding relevant accounts, following them liking and commenting on their content to encourage the selected user to reciprocate interaction and become a new follower. Normally these interaction tasks would be done manually which can be very tedious and time-consuming. However, a Bot will do all of these interaction tasks on autopilot. For a small investment, they can save you a lot of time and be more effective at gaining followers than manually performing these tasks yourself.

The best Instagress alternatives on the market

There are a wide variety of Instagress alternatives currently on the market, the ones listed below are believed to be the most effective at growing your followers and the safest to use.


Follow Adder

Follow Adder is one of the best Bots currently on the market right now. It has all of the main features Bots usually have some extras. It is viewed as an ideal replacement to Instagress as users that previously used Instagress stating that Follow Adder is just as if not more efficient and easier to use. It survived the 2017 Instagram crackdowns and thus deemed robust and safe as well as efficient at gaining followers.

Instagram Follow Adder

Following Like

Following Like is a fantastic Bot. It is favored because it works just like Follow Adder and has affordable lifetime payment options available. Advanced features include scheduling posts and DM followers. You can read a full review of Following Like by clicking here.


Instato is one of the new Instagram Bots to arrive on the market. It is a management and automation tool that will automatically follow, like, comment, unfollow, DM and post in order to grow your profile with real followers. It has been getting good feedback from many users stating how effective it is at gaining followers.